'It will haunt me forever' Chris Brown reveals

Most Creative Girl in Anambra discovered to be scam

Most creative girl in anambra which was claimed to be sponsored by airtel, a-z petroleum products, tummy tummy noodles is scam. It was organized nd manipulated by the so called fake winner Cynthia Ezenjiaka nd her boyfriend Amadi Henry populary known as chenrylegit who claimed to be the  ceo of legit fashion. She has been organizing pageantry nd duping money from people with her so called boyfriend Henry. Cynthia doesn't take NO as an answer wen it comes to clubbing nd duping people.  Her boyfriend is believed to be her backbone pretending to scare people frm handing her over to the police for using a very big company as AIRTEL,A-Z PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, TUMMY TUMMY NOODLES  to convince the  contestants that they re her sponsors.  These two criminals re students of university of Nigeria Enugu campus they re products of departments of radiography nd radiological sciences. Cynthia Ezenjiaka nd her boyfriend organised d show 2 draft money frm d contestants which dey did nd ended up scamming d poor ladies nd printed the AIRTEL logo, A-Z PETROLEUM PRODUCTS LOGO nd TUMMY TUMMY logo on the flyer they left all over the social media . Some contestants were fast enough 2 collect their money frm d lady Cynthia hu claimed she doesn't knw wah dey were talking abt wen dey barged into her apartment off camp at Maryland Enugu dah fateful Saturday morning. Dese few contestants were able 2 collect their money with the help of some guys. This is  to sound as a  warning 2 all d ladies hu wanna go into modelling or any pageantry 2 pls investigate nd b sure abt it. And they ve more  2 organise nd keep duping people ladies BEWARE! !!!!!