'It will haunt me forever' Chris Brown reveals

The 28yrs old singer who was arrested regarding Rihanna's assault in 2009, reveals in new documentary: Welcome to my life , details of what happened. The singer stated that the memories will forever haunt him.
According to Chris the relationship between the couple had become sore after it was confirmed by Chris that he was flirting with a woman that used to work for him , as a result RiRi no longer trusted him.

On that night chris and rihanna were at the pre grammy party when the woman turned up unexpectedly, 'she starts going off, throws her phone, I hate you, whatever whatever she starts hitting me.We were in a little Lamborghini. She was fighting me,she tried to kick me but then I really hit her.
The singer revealed that he felt like a , monster as  he could remember  Rihanna spitting blood.