'It will haunt me forever' Chris Brown reveals

Introducing "Diary of an Artiste".

Hello guys, are you an artiste? Yes! Then as an artiste, you must have experienced a lot from being broke, to being bounced out of a club.

These experiences are important and helpful to other artistes like you. Don't be shy to share your story, it will help another artiste learn one or two.

I remember the first time we went to record a song, we already paid for the studio session, but a famous producer known for his hits came in and used our time and we had to postpone the recording. It was a good experience as well as a bad one.
Good as I got to meet him although I didn't muster the courage to converse with him, and bad as our proposed time was hijacked. 

The next time we came, I witnessed the pressure of recording a first song... Ideas would escape your mind and all those stuff. I just stood and watched as what was happening happened. I got to talk to the producer and I learnt that having a good chemistry with your producer helps a lot and your first recording can hardly be as good as other subsequent recording.
Living in the studio is all it takes to handle the pressure, then it's not all about being a studio rat, but then having ideas and good concepts to work on.

That's my first experience o recording a first song.
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